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Meet Bill


I’d like you to meet Bill.  He’s a survivor!

Bill was rescued during The Big Rescue of 2006.  He was living in a dog crate that was half filled with his own waste.  He had no food or water.  Poor Bill, and 7 other bunnies, were living in these horrible conditions.  With the rising temperatures that come with April, Bill and the others would surely have died from heat stroke.

Lucky for Bill, we arrived to whisk him away to safety at Bunny Castle.

Bill is a sweetie!  He loves when I sing to him.  He is a mixed breed bunny and his age is unknown.  He loves to play and throw his food bowl around his cage. Due to the lack of care in his early life, Bill does have some eye troubles.

How can you help Bill?  For a low donation of $20.00 per year you can sponsor him, or any bunny available at Bunny Castle.  Or, if you’d like, you can donate $30 to become a BCRR member along with sponsoring Bill.  We will always send you a picture of Bill and a personalized letter from him, as well.

This is a great gift for any animal lover – children LOVE having “their own” bunny; seniors, who often miss beloved family pets, adore seeing pictures of their adopted bunnies.

Sponsoring a bunny is as easy as sending your check by mail to:

The Bunny Castle Rabbit Rescue
105 Rawson Creek Rd.
Bishop, Ca 93514

Or you can call Marie directly at (760) 872-1523

You can even email us for more information at


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